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Florida is located in both the Northern and Western Hemispheres. Florida is a state of the United States, which is located in North America. The Northern Hemisphere also includes a part of northern South America, the entire continent of Europe, 66.7 percent of Africa and most of Asia.


A hemisphere is half of a sphere. The names comes from hemi- which means half, so hemispheremeans half a sphere. We often talk about the northern and southern hemispheres which arethe halves of ...


Best Answer: Florida is located in the western hemisphere and northern hemisphere.


The state of Florida's capital is Tallahassee. Florida is one of the most furthest south states of the continent of North Americatesa. Florida is located in bthe south east hemisphere.


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Key Largo Palm trees lining a beach in Key Largo, Florida Keys, Florida, U.S.. sayerst; The state lies close to both the geographic and population centres of the Western Hemisphere, in a position that not only commands one entrance to the Gulf of Mexico but also overlooks a strategic crossroads between North and South America and historic routes to the European and Mediterranean worlds.


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The Southern Hemisphere includes most of South America, one-third of Africa, all of Antarctica, a small sliver of Asia (parts of Indonesia) and all of Australia/Oceania.. There are exceptions as some continents (and their countries) based on the straight-line divisions of the Equator and Prime Meridian are a part of two hemispheres.. For a map and list of countries in both the Eastern and ...


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The Southern Hemisphere is the half of Earth that is south of the Equator.It contains all or parts of five continents (Antarctica, Australia, about 90% of South America, a third of Africa, and several islands off the continental mainland of Asia), four oceans (Indian, South Atlantic, Southern, and South Pacific) and most of the Pacific Islands in Oceania.