A payment processing center accepts payments and transactions from customers, processes them and submits the funds to the business's bank account, as noted by Kabbage.com. Some processors are set up to solely accept digi... More »

HC Processing Center accepts bill payments through its secure online platform at HCCredit.com any time of the day, as noted on its website. Registered customers can setup one-time or recurring payments to avoid late fees... More »

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As of 2015, the Creditors Collection Service is available by telephone at 888-212-8010. Office hours are 8 a.m to 8 p.m Monday through Saturday, according to CCS. Send emails to collect@ccsroanoke.com, and mail written c... More »

A business's finance department is responsible for processing payroll, paying vendors or suppliers (accounts payable), accepting payment from customers (accounts receivable), allocating assets, reducing liabilities and m... More »

To open a bill payment center, choose the type of payments to accept, discuss the details of accepting payment with vendors, complete and return applications, acquire the relevant software and choose a business location.... More »

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To create an online payment invoice, create a template using a word processing program. Many online portals that process payments or sales provide an invoice generator. For many online systems, access your account and cr... More »

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Vantiv's National Processing Company and TransFirst provide check payment processing companies to businesses and institutions. These two companies process checks by examining scanned copies of checks sent in by their cli... More »

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