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An eruption on 24 December 2018, following a dyke intrusion at shallow depth, spewed ash into the air, forcing the closure of airspace around Mount Etna. Two days later, a magnitude 4.9 earthquake shook the nearby city of Catania, damaging buildings and injuring four people.


Mount Etna erupts On this day in 1669, Mount Etna, on the island of Sicily in modern-day Italy, begins rumbling. Multiple eruptions over the next few weeks killed more than 20,000 people and left ...


Mount Etna's most severe recent eruption was on March 16, 2017, when ten people including a BBC news crew were injured. A further eruption in August 2018 sent plumes of ash and lava spewing in the ...


Mount Etna is the largest active volcano in Europe and one of the world's most frequently erupting volcanoes. It is also the volcano with the longest record of continuous eruption.


Mount Etna on the Italian island of Sicily has erupted. A BBC team and some tourists were on the volcano when the explosion happened. BBC science reporter Rebecca Morelle described the experience ...


Our tours have not been affected during outbreaks in recent years. At the contrary, our tours are even more spectacular then. In case of an eruption we also offer night tours to Mount Etna.


What happened the last time Mt Etna erupted? when mount Etna erupted houses , orchards, vieyards and industries such as farming were destroyed ! for more info type in destruction in Italy when mt ...


What happened when Mount Etna erupted in 1991? ... Mount Etna's eruption in 1669 was first reported to cause the deathof near 17,000 people and letting 27,000 homeless. However, later studies ...


Mount Etna: Mount Etna, active volcano on Sicily’s east coast and the highest active volcano in Europe. In 1865 the volcanic summit was about 170 feet (52 meters) higher than it was in the early 21st century. Etna covers an area of some 600 square miles (1,600 square km); its base has a circumference of about 93 miles (150 km).


Mount Etna, in Sicily, just started a new flank eruption, according to official reports. Here's everything you need to know - updated as information comes in.