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Goldfish are not territorial and should not be placed in aquariums with aggressive fish. Goldfish should also not be included in tanks along with tropical fish as their environmental requirements are significantly different. Goldfish are freshwater fish that prefer a water temperature that never exceeds 64 degrees Fahrenheit. Higher temperature ...


hello! i have a fancy goldfish that am getting a 20 gallon long for but don’t know what fish to house her with. she lives alone right now but i want to get a few other fish. i also want to get a few snails that eat algae but don’t know what ones are best. thank you!


If you are a goldfish lover, the best option for your tank is to fill it with other goldfish. Goldfish are omnivorous predatory fish that get along well with others of their kind. Your goldfish will do best with others that are similar in size and variety. Large, fancy goldfish like the telescope eye, fantail and lionhead goldfish swim and eat ...


i've had my goldfish for jeez..3 years and he's always been alone so i thought i would get him some friends, i don't want to get a bunch of the same goldfish, i want little fish like guppies but i don't want my goldfish to eat them. are there any colorful breeds of goldfish that i would easily find? or any other kind of friendly fish. my fish is about 4 inches, if it matters.


well, goldfish get along best by themselves but neon tetras get along, angelfish, ghost knife fish, but not chichleds. many fish get along with goldfish, like male Betta's get along. only if the ...


Goldfish are community fish and get along great with other goldfish and some other select species the majority of the time under normal circumstances. Some people think they even form bonds with each other as lifelong friends. There are some things to keep in mind, which are: 1. The size of the fish


Dojo/Weather Loaches – If a person is dead set on keeping another species of fish with goldfish, Dojo loaches are almost always the best choice. Not only do they prefer cooler temperatures like goldfish, they also tend to get along famously with them. Of all the fish that can be kept with goldfish, these ones are the least problematic.


The zebra danio is a tropical fish exception, as zebra danios require temperatures between 65 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Zebra Danios do best in groups of 6 or more. A Guide in Choosing Goldfish Tank Mates. No nibblers – do not get any fish that will nibble at your Goldfish. This will cause stress and sometimes fights.


Just as importantly, the fish have to get along. What exactly does that mean? A few things: the new fish won’t harm the goldfish, the goldfish won’t be able to eat the new fish, and the goldfish will still have the space it needs to grow.


Can you put goldfish with a betta fish? ... Also, a goldfish and a Betta cannot be together cause goldfish are cold water fish and Betta's are warm. Also, 1 juvenile goldfish needs at least a 30 gallon tank and when it's gets older a 55 gallon. Betta's also don't like much company. #9.