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What Evils Came Out of Pandora's Box? According to Greeka.com, the evils Pandora unleashes from the gilt box are sickness, death, turmoil, strife, jealousy, hatred, famine and passion–curses from Zeus because Prometheus steals fire and gives it to humanity.


Pandora's box is a box that was filled with all the evils of the world and when Pandora let it out, the only thing left in it was Hope. Demonic Evil!


Why was "hope" inside Pandora's Box along with all the evils? And after, was there really a point in closing the lid and locking hope away while all the evils ran amok? Why not let it out to give people a fighting chance against all the evils? Or did Pandora eventually let it out?


It was one of the evils that came from Pandora's box, touching every mortal and causing them to become evil. Greed caused people to be greedy. ... Out came all the evils, diseases, vices, troubles ...


This comes out in portrayals of Pandora as a young girl, as in Walter Crane’s “Little Pandora” spilling buttons while encumbered by the doll she is carrying, in Arthur Rackham’s book illustration and Frederick Stuart Church’s etching of an adolescent girl taken aback by the contents of the ornamental box she has opened.


Pandora's box is an artifact in Greek mythology connected with the myth of Pandora in Hesiod's Works and Days. The container mentioned in the original story was actually a large storage jar but the word was later mistranslated as "box".


But our modern phrase says "Pandora's box": how did that happen? Hesiod said the evils of the world were kept in a "pithos", and that was uniformly employed by all Greek writers in telling the myth until the 16th century AD. Pithoi are huge storage jars that are typically partly buried in the ground.


Pandora (1861) by Pierre Loison (1816–1886). In Greek mythology, Pandora was the first human woman created by the gods. Zeus ordered her to be molded out of earth as part of humanity’s punishment for Prometheus’ theft of the secret of fire.. According to the myth, Pandora opened a jar (in modern accounts often mistranslated as “Pandora’s box“) releasing all the evils that visit ...


Pandora was trying to tame her curiosity, but at the end she could not hold herself anymore; she opened the box and all the illnesses and hardships that gods had hidden in the box started coming out. Pandora was scared, because she saw all the evil spirits coming out and tried to close the box as fast as possible, closing Hope inside.


So, only Hope remained in that box. And a whole bunch of bad stuff came out. But, what exactly was in there? ... What exactly was in Pandora's Box? Ask Question 7. 1. So, only Hope remained in that box. And a whole bunch of bad stuff came out. ... Theoi suggests that the overall name for the evil spirits might be Keres: