Traditionally, the olive branch has been used as a symbol of peace. Its origins as a symbol of peace come from ancient Greek culture, when Athena planted an olive tree to win possession of Athens over Poseidon. Since the... More »

The Olive Branch Petition was a last-minute attempt by members of the American colonies to avoid war with Great Britain by declaring their loyalty to the British Crown. However, the petition still asserted the rights out... More »

The Olive Branch Petition was an attempt by the American colonists, many of whom were still loyal to the Crown, to avoid the Revolutionary War with England. Addressed to King George III, the document underscored the Amer... More » History Modern History US History

A white dove, an olive branch, a rainbow colored flag, the "V' hand shape and the nuclear disarmament symbol (a circle containing one long and two shorter lines inside) are all recognized as peace signs. The circular pea... More »

Historically, the olive tree was a symbol of peace. This connotation began in ancient Greece as early as the fifth century BCE. In the Bible, olive branches were used regularly to signal the end of a conflict or the appr... More »

Doves are commonly seen as symbols of peace, love and hope. Some ancient cultures viewed doves as motherly figures that symbolized maternal nature and comfort. More »

Rainbows are a natural phenomenon that occur after rainstorms, and they symbolize peace and rebirth. Scientifically, rainbows are caused by reflecting light against water, but spiritually and metaphysically they take on ... More »