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In the Bible, number 11 is used twenty-four times and "11th" can be found 19 times. Coming after 10 (which represents law and responsibility), the number eleven (11) represents the opposite, which is the irresponsibility of breaking the Law, which brings disorder and judgment. In Genesis 11, men rebelled against God and built the tower of Babel.


It is believed that biblical association with the number 11 has to do with chaos and disorder. It is often seen paired with references to the chaos and disorder surrounding the end of time. There are several books of the Bible whose 11th chapter and 11th verses reference events that have come to be associated with the end of times.


What does the number 11 mean in the bible? Answer. ... It means you should find the bold number 11 in the book of the Bible referenced, and then look for the small number 11, the 11th verse. ...


Seeing 11:11 and it's Meaning in the Bible I am wondering if anyone here has been seeing 11:11 everywhere. I was several months ago. I prayed about it and asked G-d that if it was not of Him, to take it away. Well, needless to say, it persisted I couldn't figure it out, and started ignoring it...


Biblical Numerology is a concept to do with numbers and number stressed upon in this article number 11. Most of the world’s great religions believe that numbers are equipped with hidden meanings which contains the secrets of the mighty universe, the same is described comprehensively in the holy book – THE BIBLE, which in turn is known as BIBLICAL NUMEROLOGY.


Today is 11/11/11. The date is powerful. There are strong spiritual and biblical meanings to the number eleven. I will show you a few. Destinations for Outdoor Lovers The biblical meaning of number 11 comes from my understanding that it is associated with things that would be considered imperfect,


What Does Number 11 Mean? It is known that the meaning of a certain angel number usually depends on the meaning of its components, so in the case of number 11, we have to discover first what number 1 can mean. It is clear that number 11 is composed of number 1 that is appearing twice. Number 1 is known as the number of authority and leadership.


I noticed that I saw the number 11 before major transitions in my life. I would start seeing it before I even knew that a transition would be coming, and it alerted me to be prepared for a shift. So I am grateful for the article. It just confirms that this is actually God and I’m not crazy and that this number does mean what I felt it meant.


Many people from all walks of life have begun to see 11:11 in various places, especially on their digital clocks, phones, and computers. As this begins to happen more frequently, many of us may begin to ask ourselves “What does this mean?” and “Why am I seeing this now?” 11:11, Biblical Prophecy and the 11th Hour Workers. by Mandy Peterson


It is interesting to note that, on average, one in every five scriptural verses contains a number. What these frequently used numerics mean reveals the mind of God and the divine design of His revelation to man. It can easily be shown the supernatural design in the use of numbers, both in the works of God and in the Word of God.