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What Does the Nintendo 3DS R4 Card? Do? The R4 3DS is a flash cartridge designed for the Nintendo 3DS console that enables users to play ROMs of Nintendo DS games. The cartridge has a slot for a micro SD card, which users can load with ROMs for Nintendo DS games, as well as emulators for other consoles.


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Gateway-3DS is the first true 3DS flashcard for Nintendo 3DS. Its clones include 3DS Link, MT Card, R4i 3DS, and more. They currently work on 4.1-9.2 version firmware. The Gateway 3DS emulation plugin of the Supercard DSTWO Plus may also be seen as belonging to this category.


Well, the latest version is r4 3ds card. It can run on Nintendo 3DS,DSi and DS console. If you wa … nt to get a flash card with good compatibility, I suggest you to got a r4 3ds card. ( Full ...


R4 card is well known for playing free DS games. But from 2017, to some R4 3ds card users, they can use this flash card to play free Nintendo 3DS games as well. How does it happen and what can we do for using the R4 card to play both NDS and 3DS games?


Currently most of the r4 card can support 3ds xl for ds roms, only cannot play 3ds roms. Like my r4i gold 3ds card can work on 3ds xl directly. So do you mean you want to play 3ds roms on your 3ds xl, then you need to buy 3ds cards like gateway 3ds, mt, sky3ds and so on, but you also need to check your 3ds system verison first cos it is very ...


R4 card or R4 3DS supports NEW 2DS XL(LL)? Yes, the New2DS XL or LL machine is belonging to the 3ds family system too, it is also using the well known 3DS Firmware, which has already been cracked totally by R4 flash card or R4 3DS. So if you want to play free NDS games on the 2ds new xl or ll version, you can buy one R4 card or the R4 3DS directly.


The R4i 3DS, a later clone of the original R4 Card. The R4 (also known as Revolution for DS ) is a series of flash cartridges for the Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS handheld system. It allows ROMs and homebrew to be booted on the Nintendo DS handheld system from a microSD card.


The original R4 Card was released for the Nintendo DS and is compatible with the newer Nintendo DS lite systems as well. When the R4 DS Card was created, there was no single DS card that worked in the DS game slot 1, and the R4 made playing DS homebrew games and applications a breeze. No converting, no files to worry about, and absolutely no patching required.