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What Does the Hawaiian Mask Symbolize? Hawaiian masks, more popularly known as tiki masks, symbolize very important respected authorities -particularly deities or gods, guardians and spirit powers from the Hawaiian culture. These wooden masks are used in home decor. They are also believed to ward off evil spirits and increase the owner's fertility.


Hawaiian Tiki Gods and Their Meanings The Four Major Tiki Gods Ancient Hawaii was a mythic land full of tiki-masked warriors as well as unique and interesting gods and legends. Here you'll learn about the top four Hawaiian tiki gods.


There are so many things that the mask may symbolize depending on the context. In most cases, it is a representation of the skin color which causes racial discrimination.


If you thought your tiki mask didn’t have a story you were wrong. These beautiful, often funny, often strange masks all represent a unique part of Hawaiian and Polynesian cultures, and traditions that are still very much alive in the islands today! Ready to Buy Eye-Catching Tiki Masks Online?


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Deity worship: In addition to using their Tiki statues and masks for the symbolism and literal practicality of protection, ancient Polynesian tribes paid tribute to the gods by using Tiki heads as idols for deity worship. In Hawaiian culture, the gods and the people shared a symbiotic relationship.


The meaning of the dream symbol: Mask. A mask may represent the persona, the image you present to the world. Perhaps the dream is asking you to take a fresh look at that image and also to look behind it. It may have served you and supported your ego in the past, but possibly you are now beginning - or being urged - to see yourself in a new way. ...


The two masks associated with drama symbolize the traditional generic division between comedy and tragedy. A mask is an ancient form of an expressive facial disguise, it was used to frighten enemies and contain identity. In modern day the mask is generally known to be a symbol of


It's not just a Jim Carrey movie. Before the days of simply wearing them for Halloween, masks were often used as a symbol for deception, hypocrisy, and lies. Dunbar's poem is no different. The spea... This is not the sort of smile you have after indulging in your favorite chocolate bar. It's more ...


Those masks may "grin," but they also "lie." So don't be fooled by that smile. Line 2: The mask hides everything, including "cheeks" and "eyes" which symbolize the truer essence of humanity since we often express ourselves best in those places. Lines 9, 15: The refrain reminds us just how pervasive that mask is.