The Goma mask represented the spirit of an ancestor, and any member of the tribe who wore it was believed to have been possessed by the ancestor. The Goma mask features an elongated crafting style with a dome at the top.... More »

African masks represent the spirit that the wearer is trying to contact or the emotions of the person attempting to initiate the contact. These masks are usually worn as part of a ritual or ceremony. History of Masks not... More »

The traditional theater comedy and drama masks, which originated in ancient Greek theater, represent the range of emotions displayed on stage. Greek actors traditionally made masks of perishable organic materials to wear... More » Art & Literature Literature Plays

Quizzes for finding a spirit animal are available on, and These websites offer details on how an animal characterizes and protects a person. Additionally, PrimalAstrol... More » World View Symbolism

African tribal neck rings are a type of jewelry worn by the women of the Southern Ndebele tribe, who are native to South Africa and Zimbabwe. Women generally begin wearing these rings around age 12 when they are eligible... More »

A flag, whether it is the US flag or a state flag, is generally flown at half mask to indicate that someone of importance has died. In general, it is the President of the United States who orders the US flag to be flown ... More » World View Symbolism

Tulips are symbolic of perfect love and they are the flower for an 11th wedding anniversary, especially red tulips. There are different meanings for the different colors of tulips. More »