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Eggplant, also called aubergine in some regions, is a beautiful, rich purple that almost looks velvety in the right setting. The color has become quite popular in the design world over the last few years, and it's easy to see why when you look at how intense and regal the hue looks in a home.


What Does the Color Aubergine Look Like? John Hoey/CC-BY-2.0. The color aubergine is the deep, dark purple color of eggplant fruit. The word aubergine is used to refer to eggplants in countries such as Britain and Canada. The word is French and is derived from the Arabic word "al-badinjan," which originated from the Sanskrit word "vatimgana."


Whether you're trying to look elegant and understated, slinky and glamorous, or two steps ahead of the curve, we gathered the best aubergine pieces of the season that will help you nail any look.


This browning doesn't look too appetizing, but it's safe to eat. So, pay attention to whether the eggplant's meat is already brown as soon as you slice it. How to Select Ripe Eggplant. Look for eggplants that have vibrant, shiny, smooth, taut skin that's uniform in color as well as green, healthy-looking stems that aren't dried out, decaying or ...


Eggplant is a dark purple or brownish-purple color that resembles the color of the outer skin of European eggplants. Another name for the color eggplant is aubergine (the French, German and British English word for eggplant).. The first recorded use of eggplant as a color name in English was in 1915.. The pinkish-purple-grayish color shown in the color box as eggplant was introduced by Crayola ...


Inside of eggplant : What does it look like? Add Comment. by Abbati. 2 years ago. Most people who consume this vegetable, especially for the very first time do ponder upon the inside of eggplant. Normally, eggplants have a white or somewhat creamy flesh. But, when you cut them, you might see some brown spots in form of dots, or even entirely ...


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A bright aubergine color statement wall could house green, leafy plants or prints in tints of light green. Brownish cabinets or furniture pieces that lean toward orange could use an aubergine color trim for a striking contrast. Eggplant also works well with jewel tones like a ruby red or sapphire blue.


Those reactions leave behind this unattractive look. An impact, like being dropped or the pressure from sitting at the bottom of a pile of eggplants, could have a similar cell-damaging effect. But, it doesn’t mean that anything unsafe is growing inside the eggplant; it’s still perfectly fine to eat. The eggplant clock ticks quickly