An anaconda eats birds, reptiles and mammals. Its diet consists of capybara, deer and turtles, as well as other types of prey. More »

No animal eats anaconda snakes, as this predator is on top of the food chain. Anacondas are in danger of being exterminated by humans, who kill them either out of fear or for commercial purposes, for the snakes' skin. More »

Anacondas eat a wide variety of animals such as wild pigs and goats. The massive snakes also eat a variety of reptiles. More »

Rattlesnakes eat small mammals, reptiles and insects. A rattlesnake's diet consists primarily of rodents, such as mice, rats and rabbits, as long as those animals are available. More » Pets & Animals Reptiles Snakes

The green tree python eats small animals, including mammals, birds and other reptiles in their Australian jungle environment. They are nocturnal hunters that use both vision and special heat-detecting pits to hunt their ... More »

Rattlesnakes mainly feed on small mammals and birds. They also eat snakes such as other rattlesnakes and garter snakes, lizards, frogs and large insects such as grasshoppers. More »

Cobras are carnivorous snakes and feed on other snakes, lizards, small mammals, birds and bird eggs. A cobra can eat almost any type of snake, including other venomous snakes. Cobras survive well on land, in the trees, a... More »