The biggest king cobra is the Ophiophagus hannah, or Thailand king cobra. This snake is the largest venomous snake in the world. It grows to almost 19 feet in length and is found all over Thailand and Southeast Asia. It ... More » Science Biology Zoology

The king cobra is a carnivore, and it will eat other snakes, as well as lizards, frogs and small mammals. Cobras also eat a variety of birds, eggs, fish and chickens stolen from poultry farms. More »

The mongoose is the natural predator of the king cobra snake, states the Encyclopædia Britannica. A small, carnivorous mammal native to Africa but also present in southern Asia and southern Europe, the mongoose is noted ... More »

King crabs' diets vary with their age and the depth at which they live in the ocean. Larval crabs float around and eat plankton, juvenile crabs fall to the ocean floor and eat other organisms that live there, and adults ... More » Science Biology Zoology

Lions are considered to be the king of the jungle due to their size, strength and numbers and because they don't fear any other animal. This can be somewhat misleading since lions don't actually live in jungles. More »

King cobras do not have many natural predators, but they can be prey for mongooses, some large birds of prey and human beings, according to The primary defense mechanism of the king cobra is to raise up th... More »

The king cobra is active during the day and is not particularly aggressive, with their first response to threats being to flee, unless the animal in question is a nesting female, in which case they attack very readily. T... More »