Substantive due process guarantees that no person's fundamental constitutional rights will be infringed upon. This has to do with the way the laws are enforced and carried out. More »

The Fifth Amendment specifically guarantees the right to a grand jury and right to a fair trial in cases of criminal trials. In addition to those explicit guarantees, the Fifth Amendment provides other protective measure... More »

Children's rights include safety, nutrition, education and constitutional rights such as due process and equal protection, meaning that attributes such as race, gender and disability shouldn't factor into their treatment... More » Government & Politics Law

The due process clause states that "No American citizen shall be deprived of life, liberty or property without the due process of law." The due process clause is present in both the 5th and 14th amendments of the Bill of... More »

A quit claim deed or deed form allows for the transfer of property from one individual to another without any guarantee as to the transferring person's interest, according to Nolo. It transfers whatever interest a person... More »

Some facts about American disability rights law include the inability for employers to ask medical questions unless the employee is asking for special support, the inability to ask medical questions when interviewing a p... More » Government & Politics Law

For a person to protect her rights during a divorce, she needs to identify and demand an equitable share of marital assets and prepare arguments regarding child custody, according to the Rosen Law Firm. If a person acts ... More » Government & Politics Law