Rain symbolizes multiple things depending on the context in which it appears, but most commonly connotes sadness, rejection or despair. Because rain diminishes sunlight, it creates human emotions of darkness and depressi... More »

The activities of a Hopi ceremony differ depending on which of the various rituals is being performed. Generally, most tribal ceremonies occur in a kiva, an underground chamber that represents the doorway to the afterlif... More »

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Two doves symbolize enduring, ever-faithful love. The symbol probably arose because turtle doves mate for life and spend a lot of time engaging in affectionate behaviors. The two-dove symbol predates Christianity and can... More »

Anchors can symbolize different things depending on context; the anchor can be a simple allusion to nautical life, but it can also have a religious meaning, particularly for Christians. In this more religious context, an... More »

Fire consumes, illuminates and brings warmth but can also bring pain and death; thus, fire symbolizes various aspects of life depending on the context of its use. Fire is often used as symbol of hope and inspiration but ... More »

The exact symbolic meaning of a lotus flower may depend on cultural and aesthetic context. For example, in Buddhist traditions, lotus flowers can symbolize purity, love and enlightenment, while Hindus may see the flower ... More »

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Depending on the era, culture and context, fire may symbolize everything from divinity, power and dynamism to destruction and the damning fires of hell itself. It is one of the main elements as described in both Western ... More »