ROTC stands for Reserve Officer Training Corps, which is a program that allows college students to prepare for life in the military as an officer, while earning a college degree at the same time. Candidates learn how to ... More »

The exact requirements for joining the ROTC program vary a bit by branch of service, but generally, students must be accepted to or enrolled at a college approved by the ROTC program. The process starts by speaking to a ... More » Government & Politics Military

High school ROTC is actually JROTC, which stands for Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps. Each JROTC program is linked to the Army, Air Force, Navy or Marines and is designed to teach students the importance of citizen... More »

The Reserve Officers' Training Corps offers elective programs to prepare college students for military careers. The ROTC curriculum is supplementary to a degree program and provides students financial support for their e... More » Government & Politics Military

Each branch of the U.S. Military, except for the Coast Guard, offers Reserve Officers Training Corps Scholarships. Upon graduation and completion of the ROTC program the graduate is commissioned as an officer in their br... More » Government & Politics Military

To get an ROTC scholarship as of 2014, you must meet certain academic, age and physical requirements, and you must be willing to serve in the U.S. Army. U.S. citizenship is required, and candidates must be between 17 and... More » Government & Politics Military

When a person joins the National Guard, he receives financial compensation for time served and in training, financial assistance to obtain a college degree, free on-the-job training, access to affordable health care and ... More » Government & Politics Military