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What Does OIL RIG Mean in Chemistry? In chemistry, OIL RIG is a mnemonic device to help students remember the difference between oxidation and reduction. It stands for "Oxidation is loss, reduction is gain." It refers to the transfer of oxygen, hydrogen and electrons during a reduction-oxidation reaction between two molecules. ...


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Oxidation Is Loss Reduction Is Gain = OILRIG. This is a helpful acronym to describe the term given to a loss or gain of electrons. If atom looses or gains an electron it becomes an ion, and the term to describe this process depends on whether an atom has lost (oxidation) or gained (reduction) an electron.


Mnemonic Device: OIL RIG Explanation: to remember that Oxidation Is Loss, Reduction Is Gain. An OIL RIG Cat At the Anode, Oxidation Is Loss and


Oxidation is loss of electrons (OIL RIG). That means that an oxidising agent takes electrons from that other substance. So an oxidising agent must gain electrons. Or you could think it out like this: An oxidising agent oxidises something else. That means that the oxidising agent must be being reduced. Reduction is gain of electrons (OIL RIG).


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OILRIG stands for Oxidation Is Loss Reduction Is Gain (mnemonic/acronym for how electrons are lost or gained in reactions; chemistry). OILRIG is defined as Oxidation Is Loss Reduction Is Gain (mnemonic/acronym for how electrons are lost or gained in reactions; chemistry) rarely.


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