A prayer warrior is a Christian, usually of an evangelical denomination, who dedicates himself to praying for others. The term comes from the idea of spiritual warfare and prayer as a figurative weapon against Satanic fo... More »

Intercessors prayer is fulfilling the need of praying for other people, while prayer warriors engage in a spiritual battle against Satan. The prayer warrior prays for an individual or a large group. More »

While there is no best prayer, some Christian prayers have gained far more popularity than others. Many of the most widely used Christian prayers come from Bible passages, such as the popular Lord's Prayer, which comes f... More »

Some tips for finding a Spanish church include checking an online church directory, looking up local religious events for Spanish masses and seeing if a local Christian denomination has a Spanish ministry in place. If no... More »

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A Christian prayer of invocation includes a formal invitation to God asking for His presence in a worship meeting, thanksgiving and request for guidance. Believers recite these prayers at the beginning of a worship sessi... More »

A Walk to Emmaus weekend consists of Christian prayer, worship, reflection and small group discussion. Participants attend 15 talks with an emphasis on living a grace-filled life of discipleship after the weekend ends. More »

Christians use prayer to praise God, to bless and adore him, to thank him for his gifts, to petition him for both bodily and spiritual needs, and to intercede for others. Roman Catholic and Orthodox Christians use prayer... More »

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