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What Does It Mean If a Doctor Has "FACS" at the End of His Name? If a doctor has "FACS" at the end of his or her name, it means that he or she is a Fellow, American College of Surgeons. This is an optional designation that requires extra studying.


Source(s): A doctor of osteopathy is less likely to specialize than an MD, because emphasis in training is given to preventative care and on the philosophy of taking time with patients to assess their total health and total health needs. This does not mean that the DO cannot prescribe medicines and treat a disease with equal competency. It does however mean that the DO may consider alternative ...


PC means Professional Corporation. He is incorporated and so must legally put that in the name of his business to take advantage of the tax laws. Not every MD does that and most don't, but there are many DO, DC and other types of doctors that do i...


Fellowship is a mark of distinction. It says that your physician has made - and continues to make - special efforts to be a better physician. Ultimately, it says your physician cares about delivering good health care. How does a Physician become a Fellow?


Does definition, a plural of doe. See more.


Your doctor: The difference between an M.D. and D.O. If you see a primary care physician for your general healthcare , there’s a chance you’re seeing a D.O., not an M.D. While both degrees mean your doctor is a licensed physician, their training differs slightly and each has a unique perspective on care.


Both an MD (Doctor of Medicine) and a DO (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine) are licensed doctors. But there are differences in training and philosophy. What’s the difference between an MD and a DO?


Depending on their education, training and specialization, doctors can have all sorts of letters after their name. As a patient, you might be wondering what all those abbreviations after a doctor's name really mean. Here's a breakdown.


A doctor of medicine (M.D.) has attended and graduated from a conventional medical school. The major difference between osteopathic and allopathic doctors is that some osteopathic doctors provide manual medicine therapies, such as spinal manipulation or massage therapy, as part of their treatment.


Although it's common to associate the title "doctor" with a medical doctor, this title can refer to anyone who has an advanced degree. That being said, just because someone calls themselves "doctor" doesn't mean they are qualified to offer you treatment. They could just as easily have a Ph.D. in English or archaeology.