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Also, hot water is a better solvent than cold water (which is why sugar is easier to mix into hot tea than cold). Hot water has the ability to store more dissolved solids than cold before it becomes saturated. So particulate matter will be carried away better by hot water than cold.


There are good reasons to use cold water and good reasons to wash on hot so let’s explore why temperature is important in certain situations and clear some myths and misconceptions about washing on cold and hot water. The cost/energy savings of washing in cold is obvious. I won’t argue with that for a second.


Many common contaminants are either more soluble in hot water than cold (e.g. sugar) or have melting points that are between the typical temperatures of cold and hot water (many oils and greases). Both of these effects make hot water more effectiv...


Hot water cleans more effectively than cold water when it is used to wash linens and whites or very dirty, greasy clothes. This is because higher water temperatures work better to effectively remove germs and clean heavily soiled garments.


Hot water is better at washing things because it is better at dissolving substances than cold water. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solubility#Factors_affecting ...


Hot water can melt certain substances making it easier for soap or detergent to surround them and help rinse them away. The water molecules within hot water have more energy and their vibrations on a microscopic scale penetrate better, dissolve better and clean better.


Reports indicate that nearly 70% of people believe cleaning with hot water is more effective than using cold water, as it gets rid of all the bacteria*. Plus, it’s traditionally known that hot water cleans better as it melts grease, oil and fats.


You'll save energy washing in cold water, and here's why. Even though they use less water, newer washers are much better at cleaning than the top-loaders with a center agitator made 15 years or ...


Q: My friend washes all her clothes in cold water to preserve the color. Do they really get clean this way? Faith Stafford Brooklyn, NY. A. Yes. The consensus is that cold water is more than up to the challenge of washing everyday laundry.


Cold Water and Regular Soap Kills Germs Just as Well as Hot Water. ... to wash your hands with hot water, and it may be better at getting debris and dirty off of your hands than cold water, but ...