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What Does Freehold Property Mean? Freehold property is any type of property that is free of any hold by any entity other than the owner of the property. It is not subjected to maintenance fees and must only follow the laws and regulations of the area that it is in.


Sale of a freehold property does not require consent from the state and hence requires less paperwork, thus, making it more expensive than leasehold property. Description: Freehold property is inheritable and there are no restrictions on the right of the property owner to further transfer the property. In a free hold property, there is no ...


'What does Freehold mean?' plus over 140 other property related terms and jargon in plain English. 14th May 2019 - Find out what Freehold means when you are buying a property. 'What does Freehold mean?' plus over 140 other property related terms and jargon in plain English.


Leasehold vs freehold: What’s the difference? Wondering what the difference is between a leasehold and a freehold? This guide breaks down the ways you can own a property: freehold, leasehold, or leasehold with a share of the freehold. ... It also means you can extend your lease fairly easily for up to 999 years.


In common law jurisdictions like England and Wales, Australia, Canada, and Ireland, a freehold is the common ownership of real property, or land, and all immovable structures attached to such land. It is in contrast to a leasehold: in which the property reverts to the owner of the land after the lease period has expired.


When the lease expires, ownership of the property reverts back to the freeholder. Nearly all flats in London are leasehold. Freehold: Outright ownership of the property and land on which it stands. A freehold estate in land (as opposed to a leasehold) is where the owner of the land has no time limit to his period of ownership.


Freehold. A life estate, an interest in land the duration of which is restricted to the life or lives of a particular person or persons holding it, or an estate in fee, an interest in property that is unconditional and represents the broadest ownership interest recognized by law.


Freehold means that the owner has complete and absolute ownership of the land and all buildings that stand on the land. This gives the owner freedom to do whatever they wish with the property meaning that the freehold property is almost always acquired by purchase and not other means.


What does Freehold mean? A Freehold is a House or property that is fully 100% owned by you. You are entitled to live there forever. If you were buying a Freehold Property, you would be buying ownership of the property that lasts forever until you sell it to someone else. What does Leasehold mean?


If you are still confused, become a member of HomeOwners Alliance and speak to our legal helpline who should be able to clarify things for you. Naomi. Comment by AKerr — September 21, 2017 @ 12:21 pm. I j ust found out that a property I own comes under same title freehold as four others what does mean. Comment by Jim — September 15, 2017 ...