Major exports of France include aircraft and aircraft parts, machinery and transportation equipment, iron, steel, chemicals, plastics, medicinal drugs and beverages. In 2013, France conducted foreign trade with top expor... More »

France's main export is a group of domestic items referred to as valuable commodities. These valuable commodities are manufactured items, such as airplanes, farm products, vehicles and pharmaceuticals. More » Geography Europe

According to data from 2012, France's largest imports and exports are primarily industrial in nature, with air and spacecraft, vehicles and vehicle parts making up the majority of the nation's exports and petroleum produ... More » World View Social Sciences

The majority of France’s exports include valuable commodities such as steel, machinery, pharmaceutical products, consumer products, petroleum, chemicals, iron and transportation equipment. France’s imports include crude ... More »

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Major industries in France include automobile manufacturing, aircraft production, chemicals, electronics, machinery manufacturing, metallurgy and tourism. Thirty-five of the global Fortune 500 companies are headquartered... More »