The Fossil watch brand comes with a warranty that lasts for 11 years after purchase, and that covers the fixing of manufacturing defects and material defects. The parts of the watch that the warranty covers include the w... More »

The battery size for a Fossil watch varies by model. Some models use a 371 battery, according to Tmoot. To determine the battery type, note the number on the old battery. More »

It is possible to get the crystal replaced on a Fossil watch by sending the watch to Fossil for repair. However, replacement of the crystal is not covered under Fossil's warranty. More »

Fossil watch instructions are instructions that tell owners how to set and use a Fossil watch. The official Fossil webpage offers instruction for the company's watches in multiple languages. More »

To replace the battery on your Fossil watch, first remove one of the link pins to open the links, and then remove the back plate along with the plastic seal underneath it. Replace the old battery with a new one, and reas... More »

Some factors that affect the price of a Rolex watch include material, brand, condition, model and market value. Typically, the price depends on many things with each of them having a different impact. More »

As of 2015, every product purchased from La-Z-Boy comes with a limited warranty for any material and manufacturing defects that appear with normal use indoors in residential settings. These warranties are only for repair... More » Home & Garden Furniture Seating