Collate is the function on a printer that enables arrangement of individual sheets being duplicated into a pre-determined order or sequence. Collating is designed to create consistent and logical documents.

Canon Support Code C000 means that a printer error has occurred. This error can be caused by several issues, such as failing to remove the packing material, an incorrectly seated ink tank, or an obstruction in the paper ...

The B200 error on a Canon MP620 printer indicates a problem with the print cartridges. The most effective way to correct this error is to replace the print cartridges.


A monotonic sequence is a mathematical term that refers to a function that preserves a given order between ordered sets. For a sequence to qualify as being monotonic, it must always decrease or increase progressively.

Scope and sequence in education provide a structure for learning by helping educators present the learning material in a logical order. This supports student learning, and it maximizes further learning opportunities for ...

A numeric order is a way to arrange a sequence of numbers and can be either ascending or descending. For example, an ascending numerical order of area codes for the United States starts with 201, 203, 204 and 205.

The function of a printer is to turn digital data into printed media. This could be text, or it could be graphic output. One of the earliest printers to come with personal computers was the dot matrix printer.