"Athletics" typically refers to athletic sports, including sports such as boxing, rowing or running. Dictionary.com points out that in the United Kingdom, "athletics" refers specifically to track-and-field events. More »

An athletic cup is meant to be worn over a man's testes and scrotum to protect the delicate tissue during sports. The cup needs to be at a depth that closely but comfortably cradles the entire genital area. The accompany... More »

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There are two ways to qualify for the NCAA Division I basketball tournament. Thirty-one teams automatically qualify by winning their conference post-season championship, and the Ivy League sends its regular-season champi... More »

The Corriere Dello Sport newspaper features many sports including football, Formula 1, Moto GP, basketball, volleyball, tennis, rugby, golf, horse racing, cycling, athletics, and rally driving. More »

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According to Leo Molina, a physical fitness and sports talent test determines the physical attributes and skill level of an individual. The test also assesses a person's body mass index. The BMI reveals whether a person ... More »

According to the Mayo Clinic, massage therapy is considered an alternative medicine that can help a person reduce anxiety, relieve headaches and recover from sports injuries. Massage therapy may also help reduce stress r... More »

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To boost one's motivation to exercise, WebMD recommends sticking to activities that are enjoyable, such as yoga, dancing, biking or sports. It is best to focus on personal goals for motivation, such as reducing stress, l... More »