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Synonyms for Warm blooded in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for Warm blooded. 1 synonym for warm-blooded: homeothermic or homeothermal. What are synonyms for Warm blooded?


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warm-blooded in a sentence: Thus, _All fish are cold-blooded_, ∴ _some cold-blooded things are fish: _ this is a sound inference by the mere manner of expression; and equally sound is the inference,…


SOLDIERS AND LABORATORY ANIMALS An analogy for experimental biologists MajorC.W. Hume M.C., B.Sc. Lond. SECRETARY-GENERAL OF UFAW (THE UNIVERSITIES FEDERATION FOR ANIMAL WELFARE) AT the time of the battle of Paschendaele there was current a story about a general who earned for himself the nickname of [quot] Plenty-more-men [quot].


And in like manner the consumption of a large amount of physiological fuel (i.e., food), and the internal production of heat thereby originated, has only a transient influence on the surface temperature. If we may use Greek terms, we might say that man, with other [quot] warm-blooded[quot] animals, is not only hommothermic, but thermostatic.


Where does the biomass of a plant come from? A. Soil, water, air, fire? B. Example of a seed grown in a pot of soil, where weights of soil and seed taken before and after. 1c. Plants “fix” CO2 from the air into their tissues: • CO2 C6H12O6 indicate whether plant is net sink or net source of each one fig. 35.1 2.


all mammals are warm blooded, so you mean the difference between cold blooded organisms and mammals: cold blooded organisms don't regulate their temperature internally. They are now referred to as ectotherms - their heat (therm) comes from outside (ecto).


From now on, replace the inaccurate terms "cold blooded" and "warm blooded" with these: o o o o ectotherm - obtains heat primarily from the environment endotherm - obtains heat primarily from metabolic reactions poikilotherm - temperature regulated primarily by environment homeotherm - temperature regulated primarily by ...


A large proportion of the creatures traditionally called "warm-blooded", such as mammals and birds, fit all three of these categories. However, over the past 30 years, studies in the field of animal thermophysiology have revealed many species belonging to these two groups that do not fit all these criteria.