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What Does "vanity" Mean in the Bible? In the Bible, "vanity" means that something is meaningless. It has no value, and therefore, it is a waste of time to chase after this item. Vanity is a word found throughout the Bible, which indicates its importance to the lessons being taught.


Thank you for the question, “What does vanity mean in the Bible?” According to Strong’s Concordance, the word, vain or vanity has the idea of vapor or breathe. The connotation is that it is fleeting, empty, worthless or useless. In Matt. 7:24–27, ...


What does the Bible say about vanity? Vanity is defined as excessive pride in or admiration of one's own appearance or achievements. While the biblical usage includes this nuance, it describes vanity as having no ultimate meaning, a concept shared with some philosophies. Vanity as a despair of value in human life destroys confidence in self, abilities, and possessions.


Question: "What does the Bible say about humility?" Answer: The Bible describes humility as meekness, lowliness, and absence of self. The Greek word translated “humility” in Colossians 3:12 and elsewhere literally means “lowliness of mind,” so we see that humility is a heart attitude, not merely an outward demeanor.


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Question: "What is a eunuch in the Bible? What does the Bible say about eunuchs?" Answer: The eunuchs of the Bible were usually castrated males or those incapable of reproduction due to a birth defect. A eunuch could also be someone who performed work typical of eunuchs, although he remained perfectly capable of having sex—i.e., “eunuch” in some cases was simply a title.


King James Bible King James Version (KJV) SEARCH THE BIBLE . SELECT A BOOK CHAPTER. VERSE . Bible Verses About Vanity Bible verses related to Vanity from the King James Version (KJV) by Relevance - Sort By Book Order . Proverbs 31:30 - Favour [is] deceitful, and beauty [is] vain: [but] a woman [that] feareth the LORD, she shall be praised. ...


Bible verses about vanity. The definition of vanity is having a lot of pride or conceit in your appearance or achievements. It also means worthless, emptiness, or something without value just like life apart from God is nothing.


This is vanity and a severe affliction. If a man fathers a hundred children and lives many years, however many they be, but his soul is not satisfied with good things and he does not even have a proper burial, then I say, "Better the miscarriage than he, for it comes in futility and goes into obscurity; and its name is covered in obscurity.


What does the Bible say about ? ... And you, O desolate one, what do you mean that you dress in scarlet, that you adorn yourself with ornaments of gold, that you enlarge your eyes with paint? In vain you beautify yourself. Your lovers despise you; they seek your life.