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What Does "spud Date" Mean in Oil Drilling? In oil drilling, the spud date is when a machine capable of reaching total depth begins drilling a new well. This process is also known as spudding in. Before a company can begin extracting oil from a well, they first need to drill a surface hole and fill it with concrete. This is done to protect the ...


In oil drilling "spudding" means the very start of drilling on a new well. Check out Infoplease's oil spill glossary, written after the 2010 Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill. In addition, the American Petroleum Institute offers the following definitions using the word spud: Spud Contractor Name.


Today's Oil Patch Jargon: "Spud" ... If you're relatively new to the oil and gas space, tuning into a company webcast can be a little daunting. ... A quicker spud to TD, assuming you're drilling a ...


Definition - What does Oilfield Drilling mean? Oilfield Drilling is the process of drilling a borehole in the earth’s surface to make a channel to reach the oil and natural gas reservoir. The Oilfield Drilling process helps in exploring and reaching out natural resources such as petroleum, brine, and natural gas.


Define Oil drilling. Oil drilling synonyms, Oil drilling pronunciation, Oil drilling translation, English dictionary definition of Oil drilling. n. A hole drilled or dug in the earth from which petroleum flows or is pumped. Also called oiler . n a boring into the earth or sea bed for the extraction...

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Definition of oil drilling in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of oil drilling. What does oil drilling mean? Information and translations of oil drilling in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.


Opening up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling is bad public policy that has no place in the budget process,. The Budget Committee needs to leave drilling in the Arctic Refuge behind and focus on crafting this year's budget package.


Drilling operations for purposes of extending the primary 5 year term of the lease shall be defined as Lessee having secured a drilling permit from the State and further entering upon the herein described premises or drilling unit or pool, and installing a gas or oil drilling rig which begins actual drilling.


There is the GIS world that is largely managing authoritative data sources, supporting geocentric workflows like fixing roads, making cities more livable through better planning, environmental management, forest management, drilling in the right location for oil, managing assets and utilities.


The oil and gas industry uses many jargons, acronyms and abbreviations. Obviously, this list is not anywhere near exhaustive or definitive, but this should be the most comprehensive list anywhere. Mostly coming from user contributions, it is contextual and is meant for indicative purposes only.