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does not stand for "constable on patrol" or "constabulary of police". The noun "cop" (first attested meaning "policeman" in 1859) is short for "copper" (first attested meaning "policeman" in 1846). "Copper" in this sense is unlikely to derive from copper buttons or shields worn by early policemen. Rather, dictionaries derive it ...


If you need ready-to-use essay on the job satisfaction of police officers, feel free to. A day in the life of a police officer essay conclusion What does quot cop quot stand for Reference com What does quot cop quot stand for Reference com Storge. You may describe situations when people were abused by police officers illegally without any reason.


As in - police If so, what made it slang or where did the word derive from?


What does it mean to "cop" something? ... what does it mean to "cop" something? its slang, but what does it mean? im guessing some means to get a certain item, but im not sure. ... What does D-day stand for Donald? 12 answers What is the correct plural form of fitness?


<br />Tina Trent said...<br /><br /> These people are pornographic in their appetite for turning criminals into the only real victims and police into offenders.<br /><br /> They might as well leave the dead bodies on the streets, as they have obliterated the meaning of those lives so thoroughly with statements like this.<br /><br /> We are descending into ...


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The Breakaway March. by kight (kight [at] kithology.com) Sunday Feb 16th, 2003 9:20 PM . ... Members of the off march held hands and stayed in a stand off for some time. At least one individual was arrested with unnecessary force. Meanwhile, the marchers had continued off to Powell and Market.


i have made up my mind, i am going to head down to the gun shop tomorrow and buy a brand new .380 in the morning. i have high expectations. i have heard that the kel tec .380 is the best on the market so i am going to give her a whirl. i am very pleased with the P11 and look forward to getting the .380 in the morning and taking her out to shoot her sometime soon thereafter. i will be sure to ...