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it depends on your contex, usually it means "laugh out loud" but if u said something like "i got LOL for u babe" then they will probably understand that you arnt laughing at them hahahaha... its alot like the abreviation NM it can mean nevermind, or not much, usually the words around the abbreviation tell you what the person is meaning to say.


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What does lol mean in Urban Dictionary?: It means "laughing out loud." A small irony for this meaning is that typically men and women never virtually laugh aloud. That is set aside for any other acronyms…


it seems in todays interweb LOL is used by just about everyone. its like when your chatting to somebody and they say something and you have nothing to say you just type lol.. im just wondering does anybody know where it originated from? and it would be even better if you knew who started it.


If a woman a "lol" in text messaging every time, what does it mean? If a woman that you propose tobe your girlfriend after two weeks of meeting through online , saying she will answer you tomorrow but at the end of the text she put xxx , what does it mean ? after putting xxx she never answer you again whenever you text to her some message .


Can someone please explain the misuse of LOL to me? I realize this questions probably makes me sould like I am 60 years old, but can someone deciper this text convo for me?


People can come on here and troll and be rude. I've no issue with anyone's beliefs as long as they don't bash others, just saying. But when I say lol I'm not using it as that, I'm using it as laugh out loud. It used to be lots of love and changed over time. Still not gonna stop saying it because I know what I mean when I say it.


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IT IS A J0KE Have a wonLAUGHul experience with the best of JOKES; laughing out loudly, rejoicing and shouted "kay get out of that wardrobe, these 2 idiots


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