While there is no set dress code for raves, vibrant, alternative clothing is typical in the scene. The attire has evolved since the beginning of rave culture in the 1980s. More »

Pantyhose were invented in 1959 by Allen Gant, Sr. His wife actually came up with the idea during her pregnancy. Having to wear a girdle or garter belt to hold up her stockings was uncomfortable so she sewed a pair of st... More »

CC cream stands for color correction or color control and is a cosmetic product that provides sun protection, coverage and skincare benefits in one convenient product. CC cream is both lightweight and fast absorbing and ... More »

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There are jobs that require employees to wear uniforms, and others that allow workers to wear their own clothing that adheres to the company’s dress code. Police and military officers, couriers and individuals in the hos... More »

A smart-casual dress code is a business dress code that is not as relaxed as business casual but not quite business formal. It is a polished business-casual look. More »

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There is no real dress code for anyone who wishes to attend a performance; opening night might inspire a dressy look, however, since the show is usually in the evening and more heavily attended. Theater-goers can use the... More »

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Cocktail dress code is not as casual as relaxed day wear or as formal as elegant evening attire. This type of attire is often referred to as semi-formal or after-five wear. More »