The best way to remove a black hair dye stain from a bathtub is by mixing one part hydrogen peroxide or bleach with three parts water, then applying the mixture to the stain. The solution should sit on the stain for 10 t... More »

To wash black hair with baking soda and vinegar, mix 1 part baking soda with 3 parts water to form a paste. Use about 1 to 3 teaspoons of baking soda depending on your hair length. Apply the mixture to your dry or wet ha... More »

There are several ways to make black hair dye, but the best way is to use either coffee, strong tea or walnut husks. It can help to sit in sunlight during this process. More »

The best way to clean mattress stains is by using a combination of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, borax, laundry detergent powder and water. Saturating the mattress with a cleaning liquid may damage the internal wooden ... More » Home & Garden Cleaning Stain Removal

To get red wine out of a cream carpet, blot the carpet immediately with an absorbent cloth; sponge the stain with a mixture of water, dishwashing liquid and white vinegar; sponge the area with cold water; and blot it dry... More »

To remove rust from clothes, blend a mixture of cream of tartar, salt and water and apply it to the stain before washing the garment in the washing machine, notes Remove any remaining marks with lemon j... More » Home & Garden Cleaning Stain Removal

To remove a water stain from silk, add a drop of laundry detergent to a sink full of water, rub the fabric with the mixture, and then rinse the fabric with a clean cloth. Pat the fabric with a dry towel to get rid of exc... More »