A female cat is called a molly. After she has become a mother, she is called a queen. A baby cat is called a kitten no matter what gender it is. The mother of a kitten is called dam. More »

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A female kangaroo is called a "flyer," while a male kangaroo is called a "boomer," and a baby kangaroo a "joey," according to Ferris State University. There are more than 40 species of kangaroos, which are classified as ... More »

A female seal is called a cow, her mate is a bull and her babies are pups; during breeding season, the three are part of a harem. There are numerous species of seals, including elephant, fur and leopard varieties. More »

There are several tranquilizers available with a prescription from a veterinarian to help relieve stress and anxiety in cats, including Valium and Promace. Tranquilizers can have negative side effects, such as impairing ... More »

No veterinary professional recommends that a pet owner euthanize their own cat or dog, according to Pet MD. Not only should it not be attempted, but there may be legal repercussions involved. The biggest problems arise w... More »

The Balinese cat was bred from long-haired Siamese cats. The unique coat of the Balinese lies close to the body, flowing down to the tail. Long-haired Siamese cats are a spontaneous mutation of the standard breed, and se... More »

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Female cats should be spayed before they are 6 months old to prevent urine spraying and to stop them from becoming pregnant. It is not a good idea to spay cats that are in heat, because they are vulnerable to increased b... More »