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People from Spain are commonly called Spanish or Spaniards. Spain, Spanish and Spaniard all derive from the Latin word "Hispania," a term Romans used to describe the Iberian peninsula. There have been human settlements in the Iberian peninsula since the Neolithic era, as early as 30,000 to 40,000 years ago.


The language that people speak in Spain is Spanish. Okay, now that you know what people from Spain are called and you know what language they speak, you may want to learn more about the people of Spain.


Spaniards ARE Spanish! Spaniard— a person from Spain (noun: person place or thing) “He is a Spaniard.” Spanish— something or someone from Spain (adjective: deecribing a noun) “He is Spanish.” “Spanish” of course, is also a noun, when referring to ...


Spanish is a LANGUAGE. No matter where you are. A person from Spain is a Spaniard. If you are American and you think that "Spanish" refers to someone from South America, you are IGNORANT.


To call Spain, first dial 011, this is the US exit code. Then dial 34, which is the code for Spain. Finally, dial the normal nine digit number of the person being called.


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History students should remember though, that country names as well as ways of referring to their inhabitants have changed frequently throughout history and what we call people today ,from for example Uganda, is not what they would have been called 300 years ago when Uganda didn't even exist as a British Protectorate.


In English, people from Spain are called Spaniards or Spanish, depending on the nature of the sentence.


1. Of or relating to Spain or its people or culture. 2. Of or relating to the Spanish language. n. 1. The Romance language of the largest part of Spain and most of Central and South America. 2. (used with a pl. verb) The people of Spain. OR. Span·iard (spnyrd) n. A native or inhabitant of Spain. Both are correct.


Seville (Spanish: Sevilla) is a big city in the South of Spain, in Europe.A big river called the Guadalquivir River goes through Seville.. The city of Seville is the capital of the Spanish region called Andalusia and of the province of Sevilla.The people who live in the city are called Sevillanos and there are almost a million of them: 700,000.