Star tattoos can be a sign of protection and balance. Because stars shine in a dark sky, they also are seen as a symbol of hope. The star can be a symbol of divine interaction with humankind. Star symbols are popular in ... More »

A tattoo of a butterfly with a tiger face can signify a person's strength and courage while undergoing some sort of change or transformation. Someone who has fought and won a battle with cancer is a good example. More »

A four-dot tattoo on the hand, especially on the knuckles, traditionally signifies that the wearer of the tattoo has been in prison for four years. Tattoos consisting of three or five dots are also associated with crimin... More »

Star tattoos have a variety of meanings, from the protection of nautical stars, to the good luck of shooting stars. To design your own star tattoo, you need access to tattoo images, a pencil, paper and enough time to pon... More »

Star tattoos can be symbolic of hope and truth as they are often seen as lights shining in the darkness. Star tattoos can often have religious connotations because of their association with various religions. More »

Historically, nautical stars related to navigation, so sailors and soldiers often got these tattoos for guidance and protection. Now, nautical stars have significance for the Irish, the gay and lesbian community, the pun... More »

A Star of David tattoo would most likely be worn by a younger-generation Jew, especially of a less-strict sect, such as Conservative or Reform. The Star of David is a modern Jewish symbol. The Torah prohibits tattooing, ... More »