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Jolly Rancher has a sour cherry candy that tastes just like the Regal Crown Sour Cherry Candy I remember as a kid! My kids even fight over them they are sooo good. The sour apple are tasty too but nothing compared to the sour cherry - try them and see! October 3, 2009 at 10:00 PM


Regal Crown sours, yaaaaayyyy! That’s great news. I have missed those SO much, even more than Reed’s root beer and cinnamon. Cherry was always my favorite, but the lemon was good, too. The only candy that ever came close to cherry Regal Crown sours was the cherry flavor Jolly Rancher.


Regal Crown Sour Candy History. These sour hard candies that come in a roll originally were originally made in England and imported to the US in the 1960s. After being discontinued for some time they are back again. They are tart and fruity just like you remember and come in your favorite flavors of sour cherry and sour lemon.


I can taste them so exactly...for some reason, I retain really vivid palate memory of my childhood faves. ... I was in New York a few years ago and my friend asked me if I had ever had this candy "Regal Crown Cherry Sours" I said no thanks, I didn't like candy. ... Read the Looking for Regal Crown Sour Cherry Candy discussion from the Chowhound ...


He opened a roll, we all had one. He & my Mom declared that the taste "like they used to". I think they do too. Having recently had a cherry lifesaver & a cherry luden's cough drop, Iconic's Regal Crown cherry sours taste nothing like them. Far more tangy with a cherry flavor that does not taste like the lifesaver or cough drop. See More


The original Regal Crown sour cherry candy was so much better. This new tastes more like cherry cough drops with a little “sour” added to justify the name! The original was much more “puckery” and I would love to find someone with the original recipe. These are just sour-fied cough drops! I will not be purchasing them again.


HISTORICAL SUMMARY OF REGAL CROWN SOURS Regal Crown Sours is like taking a trip down memory lane. Regal’s blend of tartness along with the original old-world recipe, natural colors & flavors and individual wrapping makes them perfection in every piece. Master confectioners in England who were experts in the art of candy making came up […]


Happy New Year to all of the Reed’s and Regal Crown fans out there!! As we get farther into 2013, we are getting closer to our goal of bringing back two truly iconic candies from the past, Regal Crown and Reed’s hard candy. We believe that by June, we will be able to start taking […]


What Happened To Royal Crown Sour Cherry Candy? Do you mean Regal Crown Sour Cherries? I remember them from the 60's and early 70's. ... What cheaper whisky taste like crown royal? Crown royal ...


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