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I have been taking Relacore for about 5 weeks now. During that time, I have probably lost about 3 or 4 pounds. More importantly, I have lost inches from my waist and thighs. I have read other accounts in this column where people are disappointed because they have taken Relacore for three weeks and lost 7 or 8 pounds. Honestly, I think that is ...


Relacore suggests there is a correlation between the build up of fat in your midsection and stress. Relacore also suggests that this fat in your midsection is the most dangerous in your body as it heightens your risk for some diseases. Relacore should be taken to compliment a healthy diet and exercise.


Relacore Extra Review - 16 Things You Need to Know. By Summer Banks ... This is not the first time I’ve taken Relacore Extra so when I say that it works I really mean it really works. ... Do you limit your intake/or restrict certain foods & so many more to which the answer is usually no. I do have to admit though now that I have lost 60 lbs I ...


Anonymous: I do not pay much attention to what other people have to say about Relacore. I do not get influenced by other peoples comments. People try Relacore for a short period of time. Let’s say 1 month. Well, we all know that we did not gain the weight on our mid sections in a month or less.


I do not contribute it all to Relecore. I take Glucophage religiously for Diabetes along with the Relecore every day. That may have something to do with the weight loss. I take the regular strengh Relecore. It says to take 6 pills per day (2 in the morning, 2 at lunch, 2 at night). I only take 2 in the morning and 2 at night.


Does Relacore Work? Although it is a popular weight loss product, the effectiveness of Relacore has not been proven. Advertisements claim that Relacore products work by reducing the level of a stress hormone called cortisol, which results in significant weight loss.


If that is the case, the zoloft should have no effect on the Relacore, but i would certainly do more research on the Relacore, it's not an FDA approved medication and I don't believe there is anything other than diet and exercise that is going to help w/fat, wish it weren't true, but afraid it is.


I will continue on it for that benefit. No one I know that has taken it has lost weight but we all share the over well being, calmer feeling it restores. So if you take it for stress relief instead of weight loss, it might work for you, also. Karen (karen.hulsey AT dads.state.tx.us) I have to say that Relacore has made me quite ill.


They have similarities but are not exactly the same. If you do a Google search on "Relacore" there are a couple of sites that have done comparisons that you can check out. Relacore seemed to have more "stuff" in it when I was checking into it, so that's what I bought.


I've taken it before and it really helped me a lot. I didn't take it to lose weight, I took it for mood enhancement and anti depression. It worked great, and I felt really calm and relaxed. Although, I've stopped taking it for a long time now and I miss it a lot. I believe I have Manic Depression. Without Relacore, I feel really unhappy, sad and depressed 24/7.