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Netherland Dwarf rabbits thrive on a diet of fresh, high-quality rabbit pellets; the National Research Council recommends an ideal nutrient ratio of 20 percent fiber, 15 percent protein and 3 percent fat. In order to avoid digestive issues, beware of overfeeding the rabbits and keep dietary variations to a minimum.


Dwarf rabbits need to eat a well balanced diet of hay, pellets, fresh vegetables and fruits, according to the University of Arkansas. The pet foods available for dwarf rabbits at pet food stores are not as nutritious as fresh produce. Any pet owner who buys commercial food should also add in fresh produce when feeding a dwarf rabbit.


The Netherland Dwarf is a breed of domestic rabbit that originated in the Netherlands. Weighing 1.1–2.5 pounds (0.50–1.13 kg), the Netherland Dwarf is one of the smallest rabbit breeds. Its popularity as a pet or show rabbit may stem from its neotenic appearance.


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As one of the smallest rabbit breeds, Netherland Dwarf rabbits do make good pets, but probably more for adults than for children. The small size of their bones makes them prone to fractures, so rough handling or being dropped by a child runs a real risk of injuring the rabbit.


Caring for Netherland Dwarf rabbits is similar to the care you'd provide for any rabbit. However, such a small breed is usually a bit more delicate, so it's important to take special care of your Netherland Dwarf to keep him as healthy as possible.


Netherland Dwarf rabbits follow the same diet guidelines as other pet rabbits. See the related questions for more info.Dwarfs are on the small side, so they should eat less food than other rabbits ...


Netherland dwarf rabbits can and can't eat the exact same food as all pet rabbit breeds. The lists below say that all parts of the cherry tree, except for the fruit itself, are poisonous to ...


Hi there. There is a special type of food for dwarf rabbits, it normally says this on the package. Pets at Home sell one called: Burgess Excel Tasty Nuggets for Junior and Dwarf Rabbits. They can also eat vegetables such as: Brocolli, carrots and fruits such as apples. I got my two new baby Netherland Dwarf bunnies yesterday :)


Bunny Care Guide: What Foods Do Rabbits Eat? Updated on February 25, 2016. Bunniez. more. Contact Author. Rabbit Food: What Is and Is Not Safe. Feeding your bunny is a more difficult task than it may seem at first. Popular lore has it that rabbits live off of carrots and lettuce. ... I am getting a Dwarf rabbit i have a few questions, How big ...