Lions can eat hyenas, and hyenas can eat lions, although it is more common for them to kill each other's young. Both are apex predators that live in the same areas, hunt and compete for the same food and even scavenge th... More »

Lions are a member of the Animalia kingdom and the phylum Chordata. They are in the Mammalia class, the order Carnivora and the genus Panthera. The scientific name for a lion is Panthera Leo. More »

A lion's niche refers to its place in its ecosystem and the lion's niche is at the top of the food chain where it is responsible for eating numerous animal species. The lion's job in its ecosystem is to help control the ... More »

Occasionally, cheetahs are attacked by larger predators such as lions, hyenas and leopards. For adult cheetahs, this is a rare occurrence, but for cheetah cubs, the mortality rate reaches around 90 percent. More »

Leopards are primarily hunted by humans but also suffer from predation, especially as young animals, by lions, tiger, hyenas and African wild dogs. Humans kill leopards for trophies and as pests, since hungry leopards so... More »

A fight between hyenas and lions is purely about competition for food and territory. Both predators share the same areas of Africa and hunt for the same food. It is common for disputes to occur between them, often turnin... More »

Lions do not have many natural predators; humans, other lions and hyenas are sometimes known to kill lions. The lion is referred to as the king of the jungle, but hyenas will sometimes kill them when they are injured and... More »