A lemur is an omnivorous animal but its diet generally consists of a wide variety of fruits. They also eat vegetables, soft barks, nuts, saps and flowers. When it's not fruit season and food is scarce in its natural habi... More »

According to the National Wildlife Federation, the animals that eat lemurs are primarily fossa, which is a relative of the mongoose that lives in Madagascar. However, recently humans have also started to eat lemurs, due ... More »

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Wild monkeys eat a varied diet that consists of roots, insects, fruits and herbs. Captive monkeys are typically fed a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables, as well as monkey chow, a dry food that is fortified with vita... More »

According to the UC Davis California National Primate Research Center, a wild monkey's diet consists of fruits, seeds, roots and insects. Monkeys that live in zoos or wildlife preserves are fed fresh fruits and vegetable... More »

The northern sportive lemur is preyed upon by the Madagascar tree boa and various birds of prey. The largest threat to the northern sportive lemur is human activity and destruction of habitat. The charcoal industry of Ma... More »

As of 2014, the golden bamboo lemur is critically endangered due to loss of habitat, poaching and possible pet trade. The total golden bamboo lemur population estimated to be approximately 1,000 individuals in 2014. Cons... More »

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A lemur is a kind of primate that resembles a cross between a monkey and a squirrel. In the wild, lemurs live in trees on the island of Madagascar, which is off the coast of Africa. More »