Though they tend towards more conservative attire, Germans dress in a manner that is broadly similar to how Americans dress. Traditional German attire like lederhosen is typically only worn for formal occasions and folk ... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

An upscale casual dress code for men is generally considered an outfit that is nicer and a little more formal than typical business casual attire. Examples of an upscale casual wardrobe for a man includes a sport coat or... More »

How Jamaicans dress depends widely on the activity; on a typical work day, they dress up in a professional manner. This includes white shirts and ties or even suits for men and skirts and jackets for women. More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

The casual elegance dress code refers to a dressed-up version of a casual attire. This may refer to the dress code requirements of restaurants or private events. More »

At a Marine Corps Ball, service members are required to wear their Dress Blue Alpha or Bravo uniforms, while guests must wear formal attire that complements the Marine uniforms. The formal attire worn by guests should be... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

In order to design a dress, it is imperative to choose the style early in the process. A dress can be long or short, have a halter-top or a sweetheart neckline, or have a sash or embellishments. After that is decided, a ... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

Depending on the fabric, dresses can be altered and made bigger but not usually by more than a size or two. It is always easier to make a dress smaller than it is to make it bigger. More »