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Frogs look like tailless, hairless animals with long hind legs, bulging eyes located near the top of their heads, and short, stocky bodies. Toads are actually a subgroup of frogs, adapted for life on dry land.


Caecilians look like large worms or slick snakes, according to the San Diego Zoo. They have no arms or legs, and live underground in a network of tunnels. ... Frogs and toads do have specific ...


What do frogs look like? A frog is a small, tailless animal with bulging eyes. Almost all frogs have long back legs and short front legs, a flat head, and body with no neck. Adult frogs have no tail, though one North American species has a short tail - like structure. Most frogs have a sticky tongue attached to the front part of the mouth.


Like most amphibians, water is vital for their reproduction. Because the goliath frog lacks a vocal sac, it does not produce mating calls, a behavior generally present in frogs and toads. Males construct spawning and breeding areas alongside and within rivers by pushing rocks into semicircular patterns.


baby frogs look like tiny little nuts that squrm around all day and eat lice out of humun hair if theres one near by.This one day i walked past a pond and a saw a little frog fashion show and let ...


Frog teeth look like little miniature nubs that line the top portion of the mouth. They are called maxillary teeth. Frogs also have two other teeth called vomerine teeth. They are slightly larger ...


They do not normally descend to the ground, except to mate and spawn, though some build foam nests on leaves and rarely leave the trees at all as adults. Many tree frogs can change their color for better camouflage. For instance, the grey tree frog (Hyla versicolor) can change its color from green to grey to yellow.


Although the tiny tadpoles will eventually become air-breathing frogs, the creatures that emerge at first look more like tiny fish than anything that might ever walk on land. The newly-hatched tadpoles consist of a tail, a rudimentary set of gills and a mouth.


The tadpole that looks like an itty bitty frog but with a long tail (called a Froglet) will lose most of its tail, grow a frog tongue, and start to really look like a baby frog. The whole frog life cycle model is completed after about 16 weeks when the frog becomes an adult.


Glass frog or "see-through frog" is a unique type of frog that is named that way because of its translucent skin. There are 60 different types of glass frogs. They live in southern Mexico, in Central and South America. Glass frogs prefer life in the tropical rainforests, usually high in the treetops above the water. Certain species of glass frogs are endangered due to habitat loss.