Purdue University states that black fly bites can leave different types of marks, from a small puncture located at the bite site to a large swelling the size of a golf ball. Reactions to black fly bites include headache,... More »

Cockroach bites typically cause the skin to become bright red and swollen, similar to a mosquito or bedbug bite, according to CockroachBite.net. Roach bites are approximately 1 to 4 millimeters wide depending on the type... More »

Bat bites, if visible at all, look similar to a pin prick, states Orkin. Bat teeth are very small, and consequently, there are no clear tooth marks or indentations when a person is bitten by a bat. More »

According to Real Simple, fly bites, including deer and horsefly bites, can be treated by washing the bite with soap and water and applying an ice compress to the bite for 15 minutes several times a day. Deer and horsefl... More »

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Signs of a spider bite on the skin include red rings around a white center, puncture marks, blisters, swelling and a red rash, according to Healthline. Different spiders may cause different skin reactions, and the most s... More »

Bedbug bites are normally arranged in a cluster or line and appear red in color. Often a darker red spot is in the middle of the bite. Normally bedbug bites occur on the face and neck area as well as the arms and hands, ... More »

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Red fire ant bites are typically red and appear similar to hives, according to WebMD. Due to the sting, the bites itch and burn. Some bites can fill with pus and become painful to the touch. More »