Black bears are known for their uniformly medium-length black coat and brown muzzle, and they are about 4 to 7 feet long from nose to tail. Black bears have small eyes, rounded ears, short tails and snouts that protrude ... More »

A koala bear has a short chubby body covered with gray fur, a round head, large hairy ears, a large nose and small dark eyes. Although they resemble teddy bears, they are actually not "bears" at all but marsupials. More »

The skin of a polar bear is black, so a shaved polar bear is completely black. The skin has a layer of fat underneath that measures as much as 4.5 inches thick. This fat keeps polar bears warm while swimming since wet fu... More »

Black bears generally live in thickly forested areas of Canada, the United States and Mexico. In the U.S., they are mostly found in New England, along the Rocky Mountains and in the Pacific Northwest, with smaller popula... More » Pets & Animals Mammals Bears

Adult male black bears can weigh between 150 and 600 pounds, and adult females usually weigh between 90 and 300 pounds. Newborn cubs weigh about 8 to 12 ounces. More »

Black bears live only in North America. They make their homes as far north as Alaska and as far south as Mexico. They typically live in well-forested areas but sometimes populate mountains and swamplands. Black bears are... More »

The black bear is formally known as the American Black Bear, because it is native to North America. The black bear is medium in size, and is the most widely distributed species of bear in North America. Black bears are o... More » Pets & Animals Mammals Bears