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A majority of Arab males wear a keffiyeh or shemagh. It is a traditional square cotton scarf, which they put on their heads and then hold it in place it with strong cord, known as agal. However, there a many different ways a shemagh can be draped around the head. Each tribe, area or even country has its own traditional colours.


Arab men wear these head coverings for religious reasons as well as for protection against the extreme heat of the Middle East. When traveling in western countries, Arabs sometimes forgo their keffiyeh or other traditional head coverings and opt for Western-style hats instead.


5) All Arab men wear a long, white robe and a coloured headscarf. NO. Only men in the Gulf are used to daily wear the headscarf and the white robe.The headscarf (ghuthrain the Gulf, keffiah in the Levant) is tied on the head with a black piece of cord (aghal) and is used with a skullcap called thagiyah which keeps the hair in place.


Women wear the abaya, a long black robe with a hijab (the head-scarf which covers the neck and part of the head). Some women may add a niqab which cover the mouth and nose and only leaves the eyes exposed. Alternatively, some women pull their hijab aver their faces so no part of their face is visible. (On the picture to the right women wear the abaya and the hijab in the local Emirati fashion).


Female Arab Headwear: Like men, the Arab women also use head-wear as part of religious and cultural practice. The most of the Arab females use Hijab, a head scarf to cover their heads. The Hijabs come in different colors and sizes. Most of the time Hijabs are accompanied by an Abbayya , a long robe which women use when they go out in public.


It depends on whether you are asking about men or women. Men: Arab men wear turbans on their heads. A more proper name for this is KEFFIYEH. Keffiyeh is what the headdress that Arabs wear is called.


Oh you mean Eqal ? Well this thing historically was a rope to hold down the Gittra Which is used to protect us desert people from the sun heat and we can cover our faces against the sand storms. Nowadays both are just traditional formal wear just ...


These photos often included Khaled wearing a keffiyeh in the style of a Muslim woman's hijab, wrapped around the head and shoulders. This was unusual, as the keffiyeh is associated with Arab masculinity, and many believe this to be something of a fashion statement by Khaled, denoting her equality with men in the Palestinian armed struggle.


Not just a checkered scarf ... The first known pictures of Arabia showed men wearing a piece of colored cloth with a band holding it on top of their heads. There were no stylish white or red ...


Arab Clothing: The Ultimate Guide The Middle East is a variegated and colourful universe when it comes to clothes and attires for both men and women. It is a complex reality where local traditions and Western fashion mix. While the latter has deep...