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The Caddo Indians ate a varied number of foods, including corn, pumpkin, deer, turkey and bison. The Caddo people also fished the river that ran between their tribes. They were also able to cultivate shellfish from the river.


Foods that Caddo Indians ate include pumpkins, corn, sunflower, beans and meat. Their main source of food was farming and they planted crops in the woods. Men hunted animals, such as deer, buffalo and rabbits, to get meat, while women went into the forests to gather roo...


Caddo Indians lived along the Red River in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana, according to Texas State Historical Association. The piny forests in the area provided wood and food, while the temperate climate and good rainfall were ideal for farming.


The Caddo Native American tribe originally lived in the southwestern portion of what is now Arkansas and in nearby areas in what are now the states of Oklahoma, Louisiana and Texas. The Caddo communities were made up of households of sedentary farmers and hunters that w...


The Caddo Indians, also called the Kadohadacho tribe, historically lived in villages in present-day Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas and Oklahoma. Today, most Caddo live in Oklahoma. Due to the multiple colonizations in their region, many Caddo became multilingual, speaking E...


The Cherokee Indians consumed meat from hunting, such as wild turkeys and deer, as well as grains like corn. Cherokee women did the majority of the farming while the Cherokee men did the majority of the hunting. Together, they provided enough food to feed their families...


California Indians were mainly hunters and gatherers, meaning they consumed wild animals and plants. Those who lived near water bodies learned how to catch fish and other marine animals that would then be used for food.