The Blackfoot Indians ate a variety of game meat, berries and vegetables. Since they were known as nomads, they were not strong agriculturists, but were hunters and gatherers. More »

The Blackfoot tribe holds a strong belief in the "Sun Power." They believe that this power is transferable to the lakes, mountains and people, among other things. More »

The Blackfoot Confederacy was a collection of four tribes noted for their skill in buffalo hunting. For the most part, they managed to avoid the Indian wars with both American and Canadian settlers, yet were in the midst... More » History Modern History US History

Blackfoot Indians used a variety of tools for hunting and warfare, and their arsenal of weaponry included the longbow, knives and mauls. They also used firearms after coming into contact with early European settlers. More »

The Blackfoot Indians, a confederacy of four Native American bands in southern Canada and Montana, lived in houses called tepees made of log poles and buffalo skins. These were easy to collapse, transport and reassemble,... More »

The diet of the Blackfoot Indians primarily consisted of bison meat, as well as a mixture of vegetables and berries. The Blackfoot Indians were a nomadic tribe that centered their diet and entire way of life around the b... More »

The Blackfoot Indians worshiped the sun as their main god and also believed in a supernatural being named Napi. Many of the religious ceremonies of the Blackfoot Indians revolved around dancing. More »