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What Did the Aztecs Drink? In Aztec culture, a chocolate beverage made through the combination of cacao and ground maize was a ceremonial drink that was reserved for only warriors and nobility. This chocolate drink was high in caffeine and was said to provide stamina. Another drink that was exclusive to the Aztec nobility is octil, an alcoholic ...


Although it is known that the Aztecs would drink several kinds of herbal teas, there is a special beverage, a sort of "wine" called Pulque, that could only be drunk in religious celebrations.


In the Aztec culture chocolate was for warriors and the nobility. When cacao was combined with ground maize it made a drink that was said to help with strength and was used in religious ceremonies. There were two meals a day with the main meal during the middle of the day when it was the hottest.


What did the Aztecs eat, and how did the Aztec food supply fulfill the nutritional requirements of one of Mesoamerica’s greatest civilizations? The Aztec food supply was very different from that typically found in the Old World. While European nations possessed domesticated animals such as sheep and cattle, the Aztecs were quite limited when it […]


Occasionally, the people would hunt and kill an animal, usually a turkey or a dog. Insects and insect eggs were another source of protein in the Aztec diet, though it was usually the poor people who ate them. Algae was used to make a cheesecake-type dessert and the beans of the cacao tree were used to make a chocolatey drink, according to PBS.org.


Chocolate use in early Aztec cultures. During the time of the Aztecs, cocoa was mainly used as a beverage. Wines and drinks were made from white pulp around the seeds of the cocoa pod.


The Aztecs and Alcohol. ... The importance of octli is proved by the very important role played in religion by the gods of drink and drunkenness, those who were called the Centzon Totochin, the lunar and terrestrial gods of plenty and of the harvest, as well as Mayauel, the goddess of the agave. ...


They drink water Read More. share: ... The Aztecs did not get much of a benefit in the begging but they soon adapted to the land and built chinampas, or "floating gardens". They used these to grow ...


Aztecs and cacao: the bittersweet past of chocolate The substance we enjoy far too often today bears little resemblance to its original form imbibed by the Aztecs, says Bee Wilson .


They did not use sugar, instead adding peppers, corn meal and spices to form the drink, still found in modern day Mexico as atole. This was also a drink used in sacred rituals, and for this reason, the cacao bean was highly treasured in the Aztec empire- sometimes used as currency. The Aztecs also had an alcoholic drink known as octli.