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What did women wear in the 1950s? Attending Hot August Nights, the largest classic car show in the west, has inspired me to take a look at 1950s fashion for women. My hubby and I usually dress up in vintage or repro ’50s clothes before going out to see all the cars.


Dolores's interest in fashion history dates from her teenage years when vintage apparel was widely available in thrift stores. Women's fashions of the 1950s reflected a complicated mix of conservatism and glamor: a girl-next-door freshness as well as alluring femininity. Women who had lived through ...


Women in the 1950s were the first to really enjoy the freedom of wearing pants as acceptable women’s clothing. While the women in the 1940s loved their men’s inspired slacks, they were gradually losing favor in the 1950s for a more ladylike style.Women’s 1950s pants were taboo on TV.


1950s Work Wear. Women wore suits as daywear or work wear for several decades, and the 1950s was no exception. The changes in 1950s fashion extended to their suits, as well with jackets that nipped the waist and skirts that were either full, or, more commonly, fitted.


1950s Fashion Pants Vintage Fashion 1950s 1950s Fashion Women Couture Vintage Retro Fashion Retro Vintage Trousers Women Outfit Slacks For Women Women Pants pencil pants jeans capri trousers clamdiggers One of the most desired, and often most misunderstood, articles in the vintage wardrobe are the trousers.


What Did Women Wear in the 1950s? The fashion of the 1950s was largely influenced by the Dior New Look, epitomized by small waist lines, calf-length skirts with pronounced hips and fitted jackets. This look represented a return to glamour after the utilitarian fashions of the 1940s.


What did women wear playing golf in the 1950's? In the 1950s, women usually wore long skirts and loose shirts semi-short sleeved. In some cases, women wore shirtdresses as well.


The 1950s saw the emergence of tube mascara with a wand – Helena Rubinstein and Max Factor both lay claim to being the creator of the new wand. Either way, mascara was every woman’s favourite. Block mascara and cream mascara in a tube were still used and applied with a little brush. Block mascara needed activating with water, but most women would simply spit onto the block, mix to create a ...


1950s Fashion: Styles, Trends, Pictures & History Fashion in the 1950s varied greatly from the beginning to end. Maybe not quite as extreme as the ’60s, 1950s fashion saw the introduction of many new styles as well as many styles that paid homage to the 1920s.


1950's Fashions including prices Men's, ladies and childrens fashions in the 1950's . ... Women's clothing could for the first time be easily sorted into clothing for housework or lounging around the home, going out to run errands or conduct business, maternity wear, party-appropriate clothing for social gatherings, or, for women of a lower ...