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The OANDA Corporation states that the currency people use in Belgium is the euro, which replaced the Belgian franc as the official currency of the country in 2002. All countries in the Eurozone have the euro as their official currency.


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The Belgian franc (Dutch: Belgische frank, French: Franc belge, German: Belgischer Franken) was the currency of the Kingdom of Belgium from 1832 until 2002 when the Euro was introduced. It was subdivided into 100 subunits, known as centiemen (Dutch), centimes (French) or Centime (German).


Belgium - Money Through BLEU, Belgium and Luxembourg linked their currencies in 1921. Although the Belgian franc has declined in relation to the U.S. dollar, it has maintained its value against major European currencies. In 1995, 1 U.S. dollar was equal to 29.48 francs, but by 1999, 1 dollar equaled 34.77 francs.


A currency is a medium of exchange, such as money, banknotes, and coins. In Europe, the most commonly used currency is the euro (used by 25 countries); any country entering the European Union (EU) is expected to join the eurozone when they meet the five convergence criteria.


The euro is the current official currency of Belgium. It replaced the Belgian franc the year 2002. The Most Traded Currency Worldwide . After the United States dollar, the euro came second as the most traded currency worldwide, and in January 2017, at least €1,109,000,000,000 worth were in use.


The currency of Belgium since 2002 has been the Euro. As one of the founders of the European Community, it is of course the Euro.


Brussels - Currency ATMs are available in many parts of Brussels - ensure you inform your bank before travelling abroad, and be aware you may be charged for cash withdrawals. It is advisable to exchange some cash before arriving in Brussels.


Brussels is located in Belgium, a country of the European Union (EU). Thus, its currency is the Euro.


Tap water is drinkable everywhere in Belgium, but most restaurants do not serve it. Hot spring or some other mineral water is typically served and costs about 4 euro per 1 litter bottle. Beer . Belgium is to beer what France is to wine; it is home to one of the greatest beer traditions in the world.